Bj’s restaurant corporate office phone number

Bj’s restaurant corporate office phone number

Where is BJ’s Restaurant headquarters?

Хантингтон-Бич, Калифорния

Who is the owner of BJ’s Restaurant?

Greg Trojan

Is BJ restaurant a franchise?

No, currently we do not franchise and are not offering licensing arrangements. All of our continental United States restaurants are company owned.

How many BJ’s restaurant locations are there?

209 2020 г.

What does BJ’s stand for?

Beverly Jean Weich

What does BJ’s Restaurant stand for?

BJ stands for BEST JOINT – BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse United States.

Does BJ’s brew their own beer?

At BJ’s we are proud to be able to offer some of the greatest beers from around the globe alongside our own creations. And we give many of our own BJ’s beers their unique, distinctive characters by using imported malts, hops and yeasts that were unobtainable in the US even a decade ago.

Where did BJ’s Restaurant originate?

Santa Ana, CA

Is BJ’s only in California?

BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. ( BJ’s ) owns and operates 103 restaurants located in 13 states ( California , Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana and Washington) as March 4, 2011.

Is BJ’s Restaurant owned by BJ’s Wholesale?

BJ’s Restaurants Inc. And while the restaurant site is very near the BJ’s Wholesale Club store in Cary, the BJ’s Restaurant chain has no affiliation with the wholesale club.

How long was BJ’s in business?

The company was founded on June 24, 2011 and is headquartered in Westborough, MA.

Does BJ’s do call ahead seating?

Call – Ahead Seating : For parties of 1-6, we offer Call – Ahead Seating , in which your name will be added to our waitlist. This can reduce your wait time when you arrive. Reservations: For parties of 7-20, we offer Reservations depending on availability for the time you are looking for.

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What states have BJ’s?

BJ’s operates in the following states: Connecticut. Delaware. Florida. Georgia. Maine. Maryland . Massachusetts. New Hampshire.

Where can I buy BJ’s Jeremiah Red beer?

BJ’s Brewhouse Jeremiah Red (6PKC 12 OZ) | Scottish and Irish Ale | BevMo.

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