Florida restaurant health inspection checklist

Florida restaurant health inspection checklist

What do restaurant health inspectors look for?

The health inspector will meticulously check cooking, holding and storage temperatures of all meat, poultry, seafood and ready made food products to assure they are at safe temperatures. They will also ask to see records to assure you are doing the same.

How do I prepare for a restaurant health inspection?

5 Ways to Prepare for a Restaurant Health Inspection Encourage good habits. After each annual health inspection , there’s always the chance your staff might fall back into old habits and overlook minor violations. Schedule regular staff meetings. Keep staff current on food safety practices. Put yourself in the diners’ shoes.

Who inspects restaurants in Florida?

It’s the Department of Business and Professional Regulation that inspects most restaurants in Florida. Its website is myfloridalicense.com. Scroll down and click on the “Food & Lodging Inspections” logo.

What should not be present during a Health Department inspection?

During their inspection , a health inspector will be on the lookout for things like: Uncovered stored food. Inappropriate containers. No labels on your food for “use-by” dates. No gloves on your employees. Storing raw ingredients under dripping meat. Signs of pets. Storing cleaning products near the pantry.

What are the 10 most common health code violations for restaurants?

Common Health Code Violations and How to Avoid Them in Your Restaurant Time and Temperature. Together, time and temperature play a big role in determining the safety of the food in your kitchen. Food Storage. Cross-Contamination. Personal Hygiene. Chemical Usage and Storage.

How do you pass a food inspection?

The best way to ensure you pass an inspection is to perform your own. 10 Food Safety Steps for Self- Inspection Check Food Temperature Control (use your local health regulation requirements) Check Food Storage to Ensure Food is Protected From Contamination. Check That all Employees are Practicing Good Personal Hygiene.

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What happens when a restaurant fails a health inspection?

If a restaurant fails to fix a critical violation, it can be fined. There are a handful of super-serious health code violations that could provoke a health inspector to temporarily shut down a restaurant until the problem is fixed.

Can you call a health inspector on a restaurant?

Call the toll-free USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline (1-888-674-6854) or report the complaint online. For Help with Restaurant Food Problems: Call the Health Department in your city, county or state.

What can I expect from a health inspection?

In any case, expect the primary emphasis to be on the food, food handling practices, employee hygiene, hand washing, and prevention of cross contamination. Your inspector will check representative food temperatures in most, if not all, of your hot and cold holding units.

Can roaches shut down a restaurant?

Because of the potential for food contamination, cockroaches can have significant repercussions from a food safety standpoint, as well as an economic and brand impact. A single sighting of this pest can be cause for a restaurant to be shut down by the agents of the Veterinary Service or from Fraud Control.

How much is a food license in Florida?

One of the final steps is getting a license from the Public Food Service and Lodging Establishment Licensing website. This process should take about a month, and it includes a $50 fee. Ultimately, new food sellers are required to pass a safety and sanitation inspection before opening the business.

Do food handlers have to wear gloves in Florida?

Yarnell, You are correct that Florida law does not require that restaurant food handlers wear gloves . However, the Florida Code for food service sanitation does require that hands be washed frequently and that workers minimize the handling of food .

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Why do restaurants not allow outside food?

If you want to go somewhere to eat, have the decency to buy their food . They are there to make money not to be your picnic table. The “ No Outside Food Allowed ” in a restaurant is to protect the restaurant . In the event of food poisoning, victims will be asked about their last dinning location.

Is chewing gum a health code violation?

Obviously, health inspections vary from locale to locale. but there are some common infractions that you see the service staff busted for over and over. This includes gum chewing because the health inspector doesn’t know that you are chewing gum – he or she simply sees your jaws masticatin’. And that’s all it takes.

Are health inspections random?

A health inspector is allowed to visit your venue at any reasonable time without notice. As part of their job, they’re obligated to do a certain number of inspections a year (once every six months is common), but they’re also required to do an inspection if a customer complains.

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