Maple and ash restaurant chicago

Maple and ash restaurant chicago

Who owns maple and ash in Chicago?

David Pisor

When did maple and ash open in Chicago?

Aug. 20

What is maple and ash?

Maple & Ash is an innovative take on the traditional steakhouse – mixing a modern aesthetic with authentic service to deliver classic wood-fired dishes.

What do you wear with maple and ash?

Dress to impress Suits and dresses are always welcome! Please refrain from wearing hats, T-shirts, beach attire , worn out shoes, workout attire , sweats, sleeveless shirts for men, offensive wording or depiction on any clothing , ripped or torn jeans, exposed undergarments, and bandanas.

Does maple and ash have a Michelin star?

With a sumptuous menu crafted by two- Michelin – star Chef Danny Grant and a wine list named “one of the most outstanding in the world” by Wine Spectator, Maple & Ash finds a way to celebrate every moment.

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