Nearest cracker barrel restaurant to this location

Nearest cracker barrel restaurant to this location

What states are Cracker Barrels located in?

Top States with the most Cracker Barrel locations: Florida vs Texas vs Tennessee Florida . Population: 21.48M. 60 Location (9%) A location for every 358,000 people, with about 9% of the total number of Cracker Barrel locations. Texas . Population: 29.00M. 53 Location (7%) Tennessee . Population: 6.83M. 51 Location (7%)

Is Cracker Barrel in all 50 states?

You can even eat at Cracker Barrel on holidays like Thanksgiving. But believe it or not, five U.S. states don’t have Cracker Barrel restaurants. If your first guess is that two of those five are Alaska and Hawaii, which aren’t part of the contiguous U.S., you aren’t wrong.

Where does Cracker Barrel get their merchandise?

They come from across the U.S. to the Cracker Barrel Decor Warehouse in Lebanon, Tennessee.

How many Cracker Barrels are in California?

The chain now has 659 stores in 45 states and two more in California, in Sacramento and Santa Maria.

What should you never order at Cracker Barrel?

8 Things You Should Never Order From Cracker Barrel of 8. Baked Apple Dumplin’ of 8. Clam Chowder. of 8. The Cracker Barrel’s Country Boy Breakfast . of 8. Fried Chicken Salad. of 8. Grilled Reuben. of 8. Sunday Homestyle Chicken . of 8. Maple Jam n’ Bacon Double Cheeseburger. of 8.

Does Cracker Barrel have senior discount?

No, Cracker Barrel does not offer senior discounts .

Which state has no Cracker Barrel restaurants?

These are the Only States Without a Cracker Barrel Alaska. alaska state on map. Despite fans’ pleas, there’s no Cracker Barrel in the state of Alaska. Hawaii. hawaii welcome sign. Hawaii has plenty of regional delicacies, like shave ice, poke, and laulau. Vermont. vermont welcome sign. Washington. washington state welcome sign. Wyoming. Wyoming welcome sign.

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Who currently owns Cracker Barrel?

The board of directors of Cracker Barrel has repeatedly been at odds with the largest shareholder, Biglari Holdings Inc. The owner of Biglari Holdings, Sardar Biglari , controls a 19.9% share of the company, just short of the 20% needed to trigger a shareholder rights plan, more commonly termed a “poison pill”.

What is the best meal at Cracker Barrel?

The 10 Best Cracker Barrel Menu Items to Get If You Love Comfort Food Macaroni n’ Cheese. Chicken n ‘ Dumplins. Double-Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake. Gravy n’ Biscuits. Maple Jam n’ Bacon Burger. Country Fried Shrimp. Southern Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Pecan Pancakes.

Does Cracker Barrel have a secret menu?

There’s a Secret Menu Item Their dessert menu does offer up ice cream and hot fudge sundaes, after all.

What kind of sausage does Cracker Barrel use?

They serve two types of patties – what they call smoked sausage and their other is turkey sausage .

Is the decor in Cracker Barrel authentic?

Décor Warehouse Fast Facts There are approximately 90,000 pieces of authentic Americana in the Cracker Barrel Décor Warehouse and another 700,000 in stores. All items are originals – there are no reproductions.

Was there ever a Cracker Barrel in California?

More than 100 die-hard Cracker Barrel fans were on hand to witness the opening of the very first California location of the famed restaurant-store chain on Monday. VICTORVILLE, Calif . The new Cracker Barrel location in Victorville opened on Monday, Feb.

Is there a Cracker Barrel in Hawaii?

The Southern country-theme chain — formally Cracker Barrel Old Country Store — has 641 restaurants in 43 states, but so far none on the West Coast. The other holdouts are Alaska, Hawaii , Vermont and (oddly) Wyoming. Found along highways, Cracker Barrels specialize in large portions of diner fare and nostalgia.

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Is Cracker Barrel on the West Coast?

Cracker Barrel opens first West Coast restaurant. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has officially set up shop on the West Coast . The Lebanon-based restaurant chain announced on Friday the opening of a location in a Portland suburb, becoming the chain’s first spot on the West Coast .

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