Restaurant anna maria island florida

Restaurant anna maria island florida

Where should I eat on Anna Maria Island?

Expand your search. Smoqehouse. 245 reviewsClosed Now. Ginny’s and Jane E’s Cafe and Coastal Store. 1,657 reviewsClosed Now. French Table. 337 reviewsClosed Now. Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus. 855 reviewsClosed Now. Hurricane Hanks. 1,081 reviewsOpen Now. Isola Bella Italian Eatery. Beach Bistro. Waterfront Restaurant .

Where do the locals eat on Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island – Where To Eat Rod and Reel Pier. The Rod and Reel Pier is one of Anna Maria Islands hidden treasures. The SandBar Restaurant. The Sandbar Restaurant, located on the north end of Anna Maria Island , has for decades been a favorite for locals . The Ugly Grouper. Lobstahs. Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe.

What airport do you use for Anna Maria Island?

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

What part of Anna Maria Island is the best?

Honestly, there is no better end of the island . They are all good . Some people like the quieter north end; the city of Anna Maria . Some people like the middle the best , which is Holmes Beach.

What grocery stores are on Anna Maria Island?

Below is a quick rundown of the local grocery stores in Anna Maria Island . Publix: The Publix is the high-end grocery store for Florida. AMI General Store : Island Fresh Market: Time Saver Food Store :

Is there a shuttle from Tampa Airport to Anna Maria Island?

They have several vehicles to choose from and transportation to Tampa International airport for one person starts at $70 one way. Call at 612-868-7290 or visit their Anna Maria Island transportation airport rates page for more details.

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Do I need a car on Anna Maria Island?

Getting around Anna Maria Island is quite easy no matter where you book your rental home. You definitely don’t need a vehicle with the many transportation options you have available to you and the relatively small size of the island .

How long does it take to drive from Tampa to Anna Maria Island?

about 2 to 2.5 hours

Is Anna Maria Island Expensive?

People from all backgrounds come here to enjoy a laid-back, friendlier living experience. This doesn’t mean the island is expensive ; the wide variety of Anna Maria Island vacation rentals provide affordability for nearly every vacation budget.

Can you drink alcohol on Anna Maria Island?

The Bradenton Beach Commission shares the following reminders for guests visiting Anna Maria Island , and Bradenton Beach: Animals, alcohol , fires, glass bottles or vehicles are not allowed on any city or county beaches at any time. View more on beach rules » Park only in designated parking areas.

Are there crocodiles in Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island – Florida has an amazingly complex eco system home to everything from the Florida Black Bear to the majestic manatee, but a little known fact is that Florida is one of the only geographies that can support both alligators and crocodiles .

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