Rock bottom restaurant and brewery portland or

Rock bottom restaurant and brewery portland or

Why did rock bottom close?

CraftWorks Holdings operates nearly 400 restaurants, brewpubs and entertainment venues in 40 states. Reasons provided to employees for the closure included lack of sufficient revenue generation and lease issues. The company operated a second Rock Bottom location in downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter from 1999 to 2013.

How many Rock Bottom breweries are there?

27 breweries

When did rock bottom close?

The four biggest of its establishments are Rock Bottom , Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, Logan’s Roadhouse and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. CraftWorks filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 3. All the restaurants closed on March 18.

What happened rock bottom?

On Monday, Rock Bottom La Jolla closed. On Tuesday, its owner — CraftWorks Holdings, which operates hundreds of breweries and casual restaurants across the country, including the Rock Bottom , Gordon Biersch, Old Chicago, Logan’s Roadhouse and ChopHouse chains — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Is rock bottom going out of business?

A majority debt holder of the parent company of Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom and Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery has bought the company out of bankruptcy protection and plans to reopen most locations of the iconic, Colorado-founded brands in the near future.

Is Gordon Biersch going out of business?

After a tenuous few months, Craftworks— the company that owns the Gordon Biersch Restaurants—has filed for bankruptcy. On Monday, March 2, 2020, the company closed the Gordon Biersch locations in Rockville and Baltimore, Maryland, Navy Yard and Chinatown in D.C., Syracuse, NY, and Virginia Beach, VA.

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What happened to Old Chicago pizza?

The Old Chicago chain, founded in 1976 by Frank Day and eventually sold to Nashville-based CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries Group Inc., closed its flagship location in Boulder in December 2016 and the Old Town Fort Collins restaurant two years later.

What does it mean to hit rock bottom?

“ Hitting rock bottom ” is a phrase that almost everyone has heard when talking about the topic of addiction. Generally, rock bottom refers to a time or an event in life that causes an addict to reach the lowest possible point in their disease. It is a time when the person feels like things cannot get worse for them.

Does Rock Bottom Brewery take reservations?

Please contact the restaurant directly at 408-377-0707 for reservations due to limited capacity because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Is Rock Bottom closed for good?

Open on the northwest corner of Pine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard since 1997, Rock Bottom Brewery’s Downtown Long Beach location will permanently close its doors, according to sources associated with the location.

Who owns Gordon Biersch Brewery?

Lorenzo Fertitta

What happened to Gordon Biersch?

Goodbye, Gordon Biersch : The brewpub has closed its last restaurant in Phoenix. PHOENIX — Gordon Biersch closed its restaurant and brewery at SanTan Village in Gilbert over the weekend, which was the brand’s only remaining location still running in the Phoenix area.

Which Old Chicago locations are closing?

All of the restaurants have been closed, including the Louisville Old Chicago location at 9010 Taylorsville Road, Gordon Biersch on Fourth Street Live, and Logan’s Roadhouse at 5229 Dixie Highway and 1540 Alliant Ave.

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How many Gordon Biersch locations are there?

13 restaurants

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