Automat restaurant

Automat restaurant

Are there any automats left?

Eatsa has four locations in California, two in Washington, D.C., and two in Manhattan. The first New York outpost, located just a few blocks from where the last Horn & Hardart once stood, opened in December 2016, and the second opened in late January 2017.

Are there any automats in the US?

Though the American Automat went from revolution to museum relic, there have been a few attempts at reviving the model. In 2015, San Francisco-based company eatsa launched an automatic restaurant, serving food from a wall of compartments just like the Horn & Hardarts of old.

Why did the automat go out of business?

Another contributing factor to their demise was the inflation of the 1970s, increasing food prices which made the use of coins increasingly inconvenient in a time before bill acceptors commonly appeared on vending equipment. At one time, there were 40 Horn & Hardart automats in New York City alone.

Where was the Automat in NYC?

The first Horn & Hardart Automat in NYC was at 1557 Broadway.

What happened to Horn and Hardart?

In 1987, Horn & Hardart opened two 1950s themed Dine-O-Mat restaurants in New York. They closed in 1989, after less than two years in operation. The Horn & Hardart Coffee Co. closed its last coffee shop in 2005.

Why did Eatsa closed?

According to representatives for Eatsa , the company closed those locations to focus on its underlying technology, which it sells to other restaurants like SF mac and cheese business Mac’d.

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What does Automat mean?

vending machines

When did Horn & Hardart go out of business?


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