Best seafood restaurant outer banks nc

Best seafood restaurant outer banks nc

Where do the locals eat in OBX?

Here are the Seaside Vacations staff picks for dining on the Outer Banks : Colington Pizza -Kill Devil Hills. Vilai Thai Kitchen- Kitty Hawk. Arthurs Oyster Bar-KillDevil Hills. Mama Kwans-Kill Devil Hills. The Roadside Bar & Grill-Duck. Art’s Place-Kitty Hawk.

What seafood is local to Outer Banks?

Blue crabs, tuna (not that cr#p you get in a can), cobia, rock fish, mullet, flounder, mackerel, spot, croaker,snapper, shark, shrimp, mahi-mahi, blue fish, and the list goes on and on.

What is the nicest part of the Outer Banks?

Which Outer Banks Town is Best for You? Corolla. From off-road beaches with wild horse tours to a few shops and restaurants scattered over 15 miles, Corolla is the perfect location if you like a mixture of seclusion with a few things to do within a short drive. Duck. Southern Shores. Kitty Hawk. Kill Devil Hills. Nags Head.

What food is Outer Banks known for?

North Carolina Food | Outer Banks Style BISCUITS. Ms. SHRIMP & GRITS. Wild-caught shrimp are the star of this Blue Moon Beach Grill entree in Nags Head. FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. Rooster’s Southern Kitchen in Kill Devil Hills serves up comfort food with a twist. PIMENTO CHEESE. NORTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA BBQ. FRIED SOFT-SHELL CRABS. JUMBO LUMP.

Can you catch shrimp in the Outer Banks?

We ‘re in the height of shrimp season here on the Outer Banks , so the shrimp you get right now is going to be the best you ‘ll ever get – unless, of course, you ‘re here for the “greentail” harvest in the fall. Commercial fishermen used to consider shrimp a nuisance because they would clog up their fishing nets.

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Where can I buy fresh seafood in Outer Banks?

Outer Banks Seafood Markets Continued Austin Fish Company. Outer Banks Seafood Markets. Austin’s South Island Seafood & Vacuum Packing. Outer Banks Seafood Markets. Billy’s Seafood . Outer Banks Seafood Markets. Bluewater Seafood Market. Butcher Block. Buxton Seafood . Carawan Seafood . Dawn’s Harvest Mart.

What is the best town to stay in Outer Banks?

Best Places to Stay in the Outer Banks COROLLA . Located in Currituck County, this area is the northernmost section of the Outer Banks. SOUTHERN SHORES . Largely a residential neighborhood, this town sits right between Kitty Hawk and Duck , providing easy access to both. South Nags Head .

Are there crocodiles in the Outer Banks?

Though they haven’t been found on Outer Banks beaches, alligators do linger in inland sections of coastal Dare and Hyde counties. Despite the recent spate of human encounters with gators in North Carolina, biologists stressed that the creatures rarely attack. “People can peacefully coexist with alligators ,” Hall said.

What is the prettiest beach in North Carolina?

Emerald Isle. #1 in Best North Carolina Beaches. Bald Head Island. #2 in Best North Carolina Beaches. Cape Hatteras. #3 in Best North Carolina Beaches. Corolla/Currituck Beach. #4 in Best North Carolina Beaches. Ocracoke Island . #5 in Best North Carolina Beaches. Topsail Island. Oak Island. Wrightsville Beach.

What is the Outer Banks known for?

They line most of the North Carolina coastline, separating Currituck Sound, Albemarle Sound, and Pamlico Sound from the Atlantic Ocean. A major tourist destination, the Outer Banks are known for their wide expanse of open beachfront and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

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What should I pack for the Outer Banks?

Check out our OBX packing list to help you pack everything you’ll need for a wonderful Outer Banks vacation. Dress shirts. Pants / Jeans. Shorts. Skirts / Dresses (for nicer restaurants) Sweaters / Sweatshirts / Light jacket (Our nightly breezes can be quite refreshing!) Belts. Jewelry. Beach hat / visor.

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