Cosme restaurant

Cosme restaurant

Does Cosme have Michelin star?

One surprise in the announcement of the 2019 Michelin Guide to New York City is that there are now three one- star Mexican restaurants in the five boroughs. There are several Mexican restaurants in Manhattan that seem like obvious one- stars , such as Empellon and Cosme , however, they don’t seem to register with Michelin .

How much does it cost to eat at Cosme NYC?

Our review of Cosme Cost : A meal consists of about three shared plates per person ($12-$49), plus dessert ($9-$14).

How much does Cosme cost?

But just to put into perspective how much more expensive Cosme is, consider the following: A four-course meal for two at Cosme — which, when it opened, would’ve ran $196 to $282 with the cheapest wines by the glass — now costs $251 to $320 .

When did Cosme NYC Open?


Does Pujol have Michelin star?

By the way, Pujol does not have any Michelin stars . None. You won’t like Pujol at all if: you’ve ever been to a restaurant that has a reputation, like Pujol has , for offering transformational takes on traditional cuisine.

Is Junoon a Michelin star restaurant?

In October 2017, Junoon was awarded a Michelin Star for the seventh year in a row. The restaurant has received one each year since its 2010 debut.

How much is Le Bernardin?

The four-course prix fixe dinner at Le Bernardin costs $157 , and the chef’s tasting menu goes for $225 . At lunch, the three-course meal is $88.

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