El torito restaurant

El torito restaurant

Is El Torito still in business?

Leaders of the new parent company of El Torito and Chevys, purchased out of bankruptcy last year, have made several changes to the iconic Mexican food brands including broadening the menus with rotating specials, closing more underperforming stores and adding a labor surcharge in California.

What happened to El Torito restaurants?

Real Mex Restaurants , the owner of El Torito and Chevys Fresh Mex, filed for bankruptcy protection Monday after reaching an agreement over the weekend to sell itself to Z Capital Group for $47 million.

What is a Torito food?

Torito (also known as Toro) is a cocktail from the east coast of Mexico. Torito originated in the state of Veracruz in the early 1900s. It was first made with firewater and fruits, then rum replaced the firewater, milk was added, and, most recently, it was blended with tequila.

Where was the first El Torito restaurant?


Who owns El Torito restaurants?

Xperience Restaurant Group

Why did Chevys restaurant closed?

Restaurant operator RM Holdco LLC, operator of the Chevys Fresh Mex , El Torito and Acapulco Mexican Restaurant casual dining chains, filed for bankruptcy protection on Sunday and said it plans to sell itself in the face of debt, rising costs and competition from “fast-casual” restaurants .

Does Torito use lard?

Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant which does not use lard in the re-fried beans or dairy in the guacamole. Vegan dishes include vegetable fajitas, bean burritos, bean tostada, bean taco and bean chimichanga, all ordered without cheese or sour cream.

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