Grace restaurant

Grace restaurant

What happened to Grace Restaurant?

Grace , a Celebrated Chicago Restaurant , Closes After Its Founders Leave. Grace , a Chicago restaurant considered to be one of America’s best places to dine, closed abruptly on Wednesday after the chef and the general manager announced they were no longer working there.

Why did Grace restaurant in Chicago close?

Their departures came after failed attempts from Duffy and Muser to buy the restaurant from the majority stakeholder. On Wednesday, would-be customers told Eater Chicago that Grace called them on the same day to tell them that their Tuesday reservations had been cancelled: the kitchen was closed .

What is Curtis Duffy doing now?

Chef Curtis Duffy and Michael Muser, who presided over three-Michelin-star Grace restaurant before departing in a bitter partnership dispute, and who were locked out of the Chicago market for more than 18 months by a non-compete clause, will open a new restaurant in Fulton Market in early 2020.

How old is Curtis Duffy?

Mr. Duffy , 43, is already known for best-evers. He grew up in central Ohio and came up through some of Chicago’s premier restaurants.

Are there any Michelin star restaurants in Chicago?

From this article American Contemporary. Alinea. Lincoln Park. American. BOKA Restaurant . Lincoln Park. Dining . Parachute. Avondale. Restaurant Venues. Sepia. West Loop. Dining . Spiaggia Restaurant and Lounge. The Magnificent Mile. American Contemporary. Temporis. West Town. Dining . Topolobampo. River North. Dining . avec. West Loop.

Who is the chef at Alinea?

Grant Achatz

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