Roblox restaurant tycoon how to delete a save

Roblox restaurant tycoon how to delete a save

How do you get the tip jar in Restaurant Tycoon 2?

Location. You can find the tip jar on the glass table next to the front desk.

Where do you buy walls in Restaurant Tycoon 2 Roblox?

Teleportable. Your Local Construction Store used to be shop that primarily sells walls , roofs, windows, and stairs for the second floor. The store could be found next to the Music Shop , now removed and now part of the online build mode.

How do you use skill points in Restaurant Tycoon 2?

Skill Points were a currency in Restaurant Tycoon 2 that were primarily used for purchasing Food Boxes or Drinks Boxes to obtain new dishes.

How does the Drive Thru work in restaurant Tycoon 2?

The Drive Thru is an upgrade in Restaurant Tycoon 2 . The Drive Thru allows customers to drive towards the Payment and Order windows in order to buy and claim their order. A Drive Thru Worker is able to manage the Drive Thru .

What does the fridge do in Restaurant Tycoon 2?

Initially, it was simply used as a decoration item, but it now serves a more practical and functional purpose, with normal drinks being acquired by clicking on a fridge .

What are the codes for Restaurant Tycoon 2 Roblox?

These will help you upgrade your restaurant and have you creating a 4-star joint much more quickly! Restaurant Tycoon 2 Codes (Available) dino – Redeem for 20 diamonds (NEW) newmap2020 – Redeem for 15 diamonds. ocean – Redeem for a Dolphin item. razorfishgaming – Redeem for 250 cash.

How do you unlock new dishes in restaurant Tycoon 2?

Food Boxes are a feature in Restaurant Tycoon 2 that allows players to unlock new dishes . To purchase one, you need to use 75 Skill Points. To receive Food boxes, players must cook dishes without the assistance of a chef to gain skill points.

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How do I make workers happy in Restaurant Tycoon 2?

Happiness can be boosted by spending a diamond. Workers also increase the rating of a restaurant when they level up. The total level of your waiters heavily influence your Service rating, and the total level of your chefs heavily influence your Food rating.

How do you change your restaurant in Restaurant Tycoon 2?

Upgrades Restaurant Name. This allows you to change your restaurants name by typing in what you want. Status. The in-game description for this is “Open or close your restaurant , or kick out your customers.” Music Type. The in-game description for this is “Select the type of music playing in the background of your restaurant “

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