Seinfeld the chinese restaurant full episode

Seinfeld the chinese restaurant full episode

What episode of Seinfeld is the Chinese restaurant?

“The Chinese Restaurant ” is the 11th episode of the sitcom Seinfeld ‘s second season on NBC, and is the show’s 16th episode overall.

Is the restaurant in Seinfeld real?

While the exterior used in Seinfeld is real , the interior of the restaurant on the show is a set in LA. The actual Tom’s Diner is also the inspiration for the 1987 song “Tom’s Diner,” by Suzanne Vega.

How much is Jason Alexander worth?

Jason Alexander is worth $50 million .

Where can you watch Seinfeld episodes?

The streaming service announced Monday that it won the rights to all 180 episodes of “ Seinfeld ,” which will come to Netflix globally in 2021. Sony Corp.’s Sony Pictures Television, the distributor of the show, currently has a deal with Walt Disney Co.’s Hulu.

Why was Kramer not in the Chinese restaurant episode?

The episode was only one of two without Kramer . While his absence was explained away as Kramer’s initially reluctance to leave his apartment, Richards was bummed to be left out. “’The Chinese Restaurant ‘ episode was so unique that I just wanted to be a part of that uniqueness because it was cutting edge.

What is the best Seinfeld episode?

Here are the 10 best episodes of Seinfeld. The Contest (Season 4, Episode 11) The Junior Mint (Season 4, Episode 20) The Dinner Party (Season 5, Episode 13) The Marine Biologist (Season 5, Episode 14) The Opposite (Season 5, Episode 21) The Soup Nazi (Season 7, Episode 6) The Chicken Roaster (Season 8, Episode 8)

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How did Seinfeld get so rich?

Much of Seinfeld’s net worth came from his eponymous show Bankrate reports that after Jerry Seinfeld spent 15 years as a stand-up comedian, he created the pilot for Seinfeld with Larry David. During the ninth season of the show, Jerry Seinfeld was making $1 million per episode.

Was Seinfeld shot in NYC?

The majority of the show was filmed at CBS Studio Center at 4024 Radford Avenue in Studio City, CA. The ” New York Street” set between Stages 14 & 15 at CBS Studio Center was this street, and it was used extensively in the show to represent New York City.

What is the name of the diner where the Seinfeld characters often ate?

TOM’S RESTAURANT The place has its memory since Jerry Seinfeld’s eponymous character and his friends regularly gathered to eat and chat at the diner for the popular sitcom Seinfeld.

How much is Julia Dreyfus worth?

As of January 2020, her estimated net worth is $202 million . She gained her wealth from her outstanding performances in movies and TV shows. After departing SNL, Louis-Dreyfus appeared in many movies.

How much is Brad Pitt’s net worth?

Brad Pitt net worth and salary: Brad Pitt is an award-winning film actor and producer who has net worth of $300 million . Brad is one of the most-famous and highest-paid entertainers in the world, consistently earning a minimum of $20 million for major motion picture releases.

Do Seinfeld actors get royalties?

Since actors Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards do not own stake in ‘ Seinfeld ‘, they are kept from getting royalties from reruns. The trio receives a cut from the DVD sales and the SAG-AFTRA residuals. “ Seinfeld’s cut comes to about a whopping $400 million over that time period.

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Who owns Seinfeld?

It was a hit on the NBC broadcast network in the 1990s. Sony Corp’s Sony Pictures Television, which owns the distribution rights to “ Seinfeld ”, reached the deal with Viacom.

Did Netflix get Seinfeld?

‘ Seinfeld ‘ will move to Netflix after the streamer loses its ‘Friends’ and ‘Office’ buddies. Starting in 2021, Netflix will become the exclusive global streaming home for the adventures of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, marking the first time all 180 episodes will be available on one global service and in 4K.

How much royalties does Seinfeld get?

Syndication, Streaming Rights, & Merchandise To this day, it’s estimated that both Seinfeld and David receive residuals of between US$40 million and US$60 million each year.

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