Stuckey’s restaurant

Stuckey’s restaurant

Are there any Stuckey’s restaurants left?

Stuckey’s Today There are about 20 original stores remaining. Many of the stores retain the classic, eclectic retro feel, offering kitschy souvenirs, hot snacks, and, of course, Stuckey’s famous pecan log rolls and branded merchandise.

When did Stuckey’s go out of business?

After the war, Stuckey rebuilt his business to include over 100 stores, and in 1964 he decided to sell his business to Pet Milk, Inc. Giant corporations often take away family personalities and values, and the old, familiar Stuckey’s got lost in the shuffle of big business . Stuckey Sr. died in 1977.

Where is there a Stuckey’s?

Stuckey’s is a roadside convenience store chain found on highways throughout the United States. Stores are concentrated in the Southeast, Southwest, and Midwest, although operations have existed as far east as Connecticut, and as far west as Oregon. Stuckey’s Corporation has its headquarters in Eastman, Georgia.

Where is Stuckey’s Candy made?

With the decision to offer customers old fashioned candy as well as pecans, life grew just a little more complicated for the Stuckey family. In the first true Stuckey’s in Eastman, Georgia, a small candy kitchen was added to the side of the main store to rapidly deliver fresh “southern made ” candy .

What happened to Nickerson Farms?

Stuckey’s still exists and seems to be on its way back to its former greatness, but near as I can tell, the Nickerson Farms name disappeared sometime in the mid eighties. Many of the buildings, however, are still around, converted to serve new purposes.

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What was Stuckey’s known for?

Founded in Eastman, Georgia, in 1931, Stuckey’s began as a roadside stand run by husband and wife Ethel and W.S. Stuckey , Sr. In those early days, they only sold their famous Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll. After World War II, the nation was on the road. By 1964, Stuckey’s had over 160 stores in operation.

When was Stuckey’s founded?

1937, Eastman, GA

When was Bucees founded?


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