The rat grounds for sculpture restaurant

The rat grounds for sculpture restaurant

Why is Rat’s restaurant called rat’s?

Named for the fabled entertaining character in Kenneth Graham’s children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows, Rat’s Restaurant is designed to give visitors the sense they have stepped into a village reminiscent of the impressionist painter Claude Monet’s beloved town of Giverny.

How many sculptures are at Grounds for Sculpture?


How long does it take to walk through Grounds for Sculpture?

2 1/2 to 3 hours

How much are grounds for sculpture tickets?

Admission is $12, from 6-9pm $6 for adults. Groupon often has 2 for 1 tickets . Check out more at

Is Grounds for Sculpture free?

Here are some resources to get started! Entry to Grounds For Sculpture is by advance timed ticket only and capacity is limited. Both Members and Public are required to reserve timed tickets online to visit.

Can you bring food to Grounds for Sculpture?

There are 2 dining facilities on the premises – Rat’s Restaurant (upscale) and a casual cafeteria style place. I suppose it depends upon what you ‘re bringing to the grounds . If you ‘re loading coolers and BBQ grilles, well, maybe they would frown on something like that.

Is Grounds for Sculpture open year round?

With rich educational offerings including a vibrant horticulture program, a robust schedule of performing arts, and fun family events, the park is open year – round . Shopping and dining options complement every visit.

Who owns Grounds for Sculpture?

Seward Johnson

Can you picnic at Grounds for Sculpture?

Please note: A pre-purchased timed ticket to Grounds For Sculpture is required for both Members and Public to purchase a Picnic in the Park.

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When did Grounds for Sculpture open?


Are dogs allowed at Grounds for Sculpture?

Pets are not allowed at the park. Pets are not allowed to be left in vehicles. Services animals are, of course, permitted .”

How far is Hamilton New Jersey from Philadelphia?

31.29 miles

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