National restaurant association logo

National restaurant association logo

What does the National Restaurant Association do?

The association was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. Tax ID no. To serve its members by advancing and protecting America’s restaurant and food service industry with the goals to build industry influence, build industry image, and build industry engagement.

How did an egg boycott lead to the founding of the National Restaurant Association?

1917: When egg brokers try to demand a price of 65 cents a dozen, the year-old Kansas City Restaurant Association , one of the restaurant industry’s earliest professional associations , organizes an egg boycott . Egg prices plummet to 32 cents. The seeds of a national movement are sown.

What services do members obtain from the National Restaurant Association?

Expert Exchange​ Finance, Tax & Audit. Food Safety & Quality Assurance. HR and Risk & Safety. Information Technology. Marketing. Nutrition. Supply Chain.

What is National Restaurant Association of India?

Founded in 1982 and headquartered at Delhi, we represent Independent and Chain Restaurant Owners and Operators in India . The association has a pan India presence with members comprising of restaurants , suppliers and educational institutes associated with it.

What city has the most restaurants?

“The top six metropolitan areas on this indicator are San Francisco , New York , Providence, Boston, Seattle and Portland,” writes Cortright. “Each of these cities has twenty or more restaurants per 10,000 population.”

How many members are in the National Restaurant Association?

40,000 members

Who is the president of the National Restaurant Association?

Tom Bené

When was the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation created?


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When did ServSafe begin?


How many restaurants are in India?

India has about 53,000 hotels and 70 lakh restaurants in organised category and 2.3 crore restaurants in unorganised sector, says this apex body of Indian hospitality industry.

How many Indian restaurants are in the UK?

8,500 Indian restaurants

How many restaurants are in the USA?


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